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Thank you for taking the time to visit The Author’s Blade. This is the first blog post and I’d like to go into a little bit of detail about what you’ll find here.

For starters, the intended audience that will receive the biggest benefit from this site will be the people who want to write a novel but just don’t know where to begin. It does seem a daunting task, writing a novel, but with my help you will be able to overcome many of the hurdles I had to stumble over. Or, if you already have your start and are just struggling with certain aspects of writing a novel, you may find benefit here, too. Maybe you struggle with writing dialogue. That will be covered in one of the posts. Or perhaps you have too many subplots that are just mucking things up and you want to resolve them. There will be an article on that as well. But even professional writers understand the value in looking at things from a different perspective and perhaps they will see something in a way they haven’t before. Or just maybe you don’t buy into the idea that we all have a story inside us that wants to get out, and you’re just here for the wit. That’s great too.

I have several months worth of articles that I will be posting in my Novel Writing Tips series. I’ll start with an overview and a few foundational items, and then move on to characters, worldbuilding, plotlines, dialogue, action, and many other topics. I’ll go over what tools to use, how to find time to write, and then finish up the series on post-writing activities such as proofreading, editing, beta readers, formatting, self-publishing, book launch, and promotion.

In addition to the Novel Writing Tips series, I’m planning to include a Spotlight on Poetry series. I’ll pick one form of poetry per article, give a brief overview on the structure of that form, and give a few examples of that form. I’ll also write my own poem of that form and include it in the article.

Lastly, you’ll find writing tips that may not apply solely to novels or poetry, and instead focus on some of the broader aspects of writing. I intend to retweet short writing tips that I find for inspiration, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for those! And for updates on my current novel, be sure to follow me on Facebook!

That’s all for now, and soon we’ll unleash your inner story together!
~Robert Adkisson~

More About the Author:
I’m an author, gamer, husband, father, and friend. This blog is dedicated to helping people tell the story they’ve always wanted to tell. For more information about me, read my bio.